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Camp Adventureland - Parent Information

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Camp Fees (Per Week) 


Scouts Canada Members


Scouts Canada Members

After May 9th


After May 9th

Day Camp





Overnight Camp

Early Bird Rate - $399 + HST

Early Bird Rate - $429 + HST

$419 + HST

$449 + HST

Leadership Development Camp

$ 399.00+ HST

$429.00 + HST



Adventureland Goes North

$429.00 + HST

$450.00 + HST



* Prices subject to change without notice. Please add 13% HST for all overnight camps.+Day Camp includes HST.

** All registration acceptance letters and receipts will be sent out by email.

What to Bring to Camp?

Want to know what to pack for your week at camp?  Find out here to down load a PDF with the information you need for the Camp Program you are registered for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to be registered in Cubs to attend?

While the majority of our participants are registered Cubs, you do not need to be in order to

attend. For more information about Scouting and enrolling your child in Scouting, please click here!

How are the kids organized?

Each week, we have up to 150 youth that participate in Adventureland. They will be split up into "villages" of about 25 according to age. If a child is attending with a friend, you can ask to have the two in the same village. They will spend the majority of their time with their village.

What are the sleeping accomodations?

Each week, we have roughly 150 campers. These campers are split up into "villages" of about 25 based on their age. The majority of their week will be spent with their village.

Each village is equipped with five or six summer cabins. Your child will be given a thick mattress to sleep on. It is the responsibility of the child to bring a sleeping bag (a good summer bag will be more than sufficient).

The village will have running water, campfire pit and a dining shelter, under which breakfast and lunch will be served. Campers from all the villages will have dinner together in the Leathem Scouting Centre, a large lodge with a complete dining room.

What kind of meals are served?

We have a professional cook to cook three hearty meals a day for the campers. Meals are planned in accordance with the Canada Food Guide. In addition, we are sure to cook lots of food to ensure that no child goes hungry. We also prepare alternative meals to accomodate those with allergies or other special needs. It is important that your child communicates with their leaders any concerns regarding meals and food.

What kind of safety precautions are taken?

We ensure that the safety of each of our campers remains a top priority. We have an on-site nurse who is on-call 24 hours a day. It is the responsibility of this nurse to also take care of any medical conditions (eg. allergies, special needs, etc) of our campers.

Our staff are fully trained to deal with most cases that arise, including risk management and home sickness.

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