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Other Programs at HSR

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Self directed program opportunities available at HSR.

Booking & Scheduling Info

Special Notes

Bouldering Wall

This self directed program is offered to allow the youth some practice on how to use the climbing wall, while keeping them close to the ground. One of the four newest additions to the program. Introduced in 2008 it is a wonderful addition to our Ropes and Climbing Program.
Canoeing Around The Lake
Basic canoeing lessons are required of all campers before canoes are provided. Canoe lesson are normally booked for Sunday morning. A barge will transport you to the canoes. Please Note: The number of canoes allocated to your site is dependent on the number of campers at the Reserve that week.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) must be worn in watercraft at all times. These are issued at camp, however larger sized adults and youth are encouraged to bring their own government approved PFD.

A number of rowboats are provided at each camp site for use throughout the week.  Note: Rowboat allocation for specific sites depends on the number of campers at HSR each week.
A marked swimming area is provided at each campsite and may be used under Troop supervision between dawn and dusk. 

Troops may also use the swim area at the

H-Dock in front of the Rotary Hub.

BSA Troops requiring a Mile Swim area should discuss a location with the Waterfront Staff.

Please review our HSR Swimming Regulations.

Fishing is certainly a popular activity for many of our campers and small-mouthed bass are the most popular catch. 

Fishing is not permitted from canoes! 

Please do NOT bring minnows or leeches into the camp for bait!

Check out the Ministry of Natural Resources Web Site for current Fishing Regulations and licensing requirements.

With the help of the HSR Staff Alumni, we maintain over 35 km of hiking trails forming a trail network on the Reserve and surrounding property. Choose a day hike for everyone or an overnight hike for a greater challenge. Check out our 34 page Trail Guide which can be downloaded (pdf format) or purchased for a nominal cost at the Snack Shack on Saturdays or from the Country Store.
View from Pike's Peak.
Outpost Camping
Several campsites are located and maintained throughout the property on Hurst, Moore, Mislaid, Holland and North Lakes. Overnight campsites should be booked with your other program selections on arrival.  This is a great opportunity for older Scouts or Venturers/Explorers. Check out the Trail Guide for more details.
Tripping Off The Reserve
Numerous opportunities exist for tripping off the Scout Reserve.  


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