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What's Included When I Book a Site at HSR?

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Standard Site Equipment

Each camp site comes with the following standard equipment;

  • Boat Dock
  • Buoyed swim area
  • Rowboats sufficient for swim patrol and fishing
  • Personal floatation devices, fitted upon arrival at the camp
  • Ring buoy
  • Reaching assist
  • Picnic tables
  • Portable latrines (approx. one for every ten campers). We suggest bringing an extra tarpaulin or tent to provide privacy and shelter.
  • Ground cooler consisting of a concrete tile 36" in diameter sunk in the ground
  • In camp telephones to contact camp facilities only.

Camp Telephones

Each site has a private telephone system that provides direct communications to the Administration Office and Program Facilities and is can be used for emergency purposes. The telephone should be used by Scouters only.


A plentiful supply of natural deadfall trees and branches are available at each campsite.  Please be aware of the that only dead trees can be cut. Any damage to live trees will be charged to the Group at a substantial penalty.  Chainsaws are not allowed at HSR, unless authorized by the Camp Ranger.

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