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Youth Recognition

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The Greater Toronto Council Youth Network (GTCYN) is always proud to recognize the hard work of the youth in Scouting. As the Movement begins to revitalize its program, so too is the GTCYN beginning to revitalize the recognition process. This was symbolized by the creation of the Order of the Silver Key award for Distinguished Youth Service. Award submissions for the Medal of the Maple and the Order of the Silver Key is encouraged to be done online through the GTCYN Youth Recognition email (

Although the awards are made available to all of the youth in the GTC, it is still up to all of YOU to make the recommendations. The GTCYN cannot recognize youth if it does not receive recommendations to do so from the peers of those youth. We encourage all Volunteers and Youth members to take the time to recognize the youth of this Council. Please remember that the THANKS button can be used to thank Youth members as well with Certificates of Appreciation. If those youth are also registered as Volunteers they will also be eligible for the Adult Award System through the THANKS button.

The submission deadline is April 1, 2018 for inclusion in the 2017-2018 Youth Recognition Ceremony, which will be held in May, 2018. 


Youth Awards 2018

The 2017-2018 Youth Recognition Ceremony will be held:
Date: Tuesday May 15, 2018
Time: 7-9 PM
Location: Montecassino Hotel


The North Star Award (Beaver Scouts)

The Seonee Award (Cub Scouts)

Chief Scout's (Scouts)

Queen's Venturer (Venturer Scouts)

Canadian Rover Scout Award (Rover Scouts)

Order of the Silver Key (All youth)

Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Youth Service (All youth)

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Thank an Outstanding Volunteer Today.
Thank an Outstanding Volunteer Today.
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